Behaviour carries meaning. Children do not misbehave for the sake of misbehaving. They do not misbehave for the sake of making their loved ones angry and frustrated. Most children misbehave for a reason. Hence, it is imperative for parents to reach ‘beneath the iceberg’ and uncover the driving force behind the behavior, and not just come up with more creative ways to punish or reward the child. By taking time to know your child’s thoughts, strengths and weaknesses, you will be able to develop him into a responsible and useful adult.  Parenting is a life-long journey.   A life-long journey of building lives from young.   A life-long journey of building a strong relationship with your child that will last you a whole life through. Through individual Parent Coaching and Counseling, as well as through Parent Focus Group, Christabel aims to walk with parents on this exhausting but sacred and exciting journey.

~  Parenting is not just about what you do. It is about who you are. ~