Christabel Juniors ‘n Friends was founded by Christabel Hong Seok Ai and her family in May 2011. After working as a teacher, counselling psychologist and educational therapist for the last two decades, Christabel decided to step out on her own and dedicate her time solely to children with learning and behavioral difficulties.

Parents of Today face steep competition for their children’s attention…competition from the peers in schools to the internet world. Today, parents are also busier at work, resulting in less time for the family and more parenting time delegated to others such as domestic helpers and nannies.

It is Christabel’s vision to see the Family, the basic social unit of society, built on strong foundations of communication and mutual respect. She hopes to increase parents’ ability to coach their children and to coach children to increase their ability to learn within a context of shared experiences. She aims to journey with parents to build the next generation of adults who are confident, well-adjusted and family-oriented.


Mathematics is one subject which requires not just a reasonably competent level of language but also abilities in perception , perseveration and reasoning. We provide help teachings kids how to conquer maths

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Through individual Parent Coaching and Counseling, as well as through Parent Focus Group, Christabel aims to walk with parents on this exhausting but sacred and exciting journey.

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Trips and camp-outs will be organised periodically during weekends and term breaks.

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With a greater understanding of how personalities come into play in relationships, husbands and wives, parents and children, brothers and sisters and even colleagues and team-mates at work places can deepen their relationships into stronger, more meaningful and more productive bonds.

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