Early Fluent Reading is one of the key factors contributing to academic success. But not all Readers are born. Some Readers are made. Readers who are made generally lack a self acquiring mechanism in language. Hence, they have to be taught to read by design and with intent, so that they can move from 'Learning to Read' to 'Reading to Learn'.

Mathematics is one subject which requires not just a reasonably competent level of language but also abilities in perception , perseveration and reasoning. Concrete objects can be used to illustrate abstract concepts and abstract concepts must be concretely formulated in the child's mind before he can "do Maths".  Computer-assited programmes such as Earobics and Numbershark are also available to enhance learning.

Every child can learn. But he may not be able to learn at a pace you set for him or as much as you want him to at one go. Hence, accepting the child for who he is, with all his gifts and limitations, is the first step in helping the child to learn. Engaging both heart and mind is the next. A happy child is a happy learner. A happy learner will maximise Nature’s given potential.

Christabel hopes that every child can be a happy learner; that every child’s natural curiosity to learn will not be stifled in the midst of academic pursuits.

Testimonial from a client : "Thank you very much for your help. I am glad that I had seeked your professional help and you have been a very wonderful teacher! You have been a blessing from God!" ~ Serene Lui , mother of a ten-year old boy.

~ Nature Sets the Upper Limit.   Nurture Sets the Lower Limit. ~

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