The Founder

Ting- Hong Seok Ai Christabel

Consultant Counselling Psychologist/Educational Therapist

Christabel Hong is the author of Best Sellers “High Frequency Words” and “Fun with Phonics”. Her passion in developing early literacy in children has led her to author numerous books in reading and writing. These include “Visual Intelligence” and “High Frequency Word Families”. She teaches children to become competent readers in order to become competent learners. Her specialised fields are in Dyslexia and in working with children who are reading behind their chronological age/intellectual abilities.

Christabel taught English and Mathematics in mainstream schools for eight years before receiving further training to practise as a counseling psychologist. She has, in the last two decades, dedicated her time to developing children and adolescents intellectually and behaviorally. Together with her training in Speech and Drama and Diagnostic Art Therapy, Christabel appeals to children naturally with her nurturing and delightful approaches. As a Parent Coach and Certified Behavioural Analyst, Christabel aims to be instrumental in helping parents enjoy their parenting journey and work towards a harmonious family with a higher emotional intelligence quotient. A mother herself, she is well-acquainted with the challenges parents face in raising children to be both academically and socially adept. She is a mother of two grown–up children, a son and a daughter. Her children spent their initial schooling years in New Zealand. After their return from NZ, they continued their education in the Gifted Education Programme in Singapore.

With her diverse professional expertise in counseling and educational therapy, Christabel is well equipped to empower individuals to become happier, more confident and more productive persons.

On a personal note, Christabel enjoys baking and cooking to keep herself amused. Together with her husband, Richard Ting, she takes time to appreciate Mother Nature’s beauty and explore her hidden treasures. Both worship at St. Andrew’s Cathedral.