There’s Beauty in Every Child

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September 1, 2011
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December 25, 2011

There’s Beauty in Every Child

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There’s Beauty in Every Child.

I went for a stroll at Botanic Gardens this morning. Armed with a camera, I resolved to search for something beautiful in every plant and every tree I encountered. Initially, every plant and every tree looked just like every other plant and tree… until I stumbled upon some wayside creepers.  I stooped down.  I looked close-up at one of the tiny yellow flowers shouting out for my attention.

I was immediately warmed by the beauty of each bright yellow petal, uniquely defined in shape and size. How easy it was for me to bypass that plant which I later learnt was the Creeping Daisy.   As I got up and continued my venture, I came to a tree.  A portion of an ugly trunk with aged bark caught my eyes.

“What beauty is there here?” I wondered to myself.

 Without thinking further, I plonked myself right under the tree for my morning brunch… some left –over chicken curry from dinner the night before.  

It was almost mid morning and the sun had been scorching hot for the last few days. Today was no exception. “Thank you Lord for this shade,” I whispered my gratitude to God. Digging into my brunch box, I soon realised that the very tree that provided me the cool shade was the very tree I was most unimpressed with at first sight.  

“Wow! What a day of discovery.”

I ended the day finding beauty in every plant and in every tree.

If there is beauty and purpose in every plant and tree, surely there is beauty and purpose in every child as well.

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